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AutoMedSys electronic medical record system has two major components, Practice and Claims manager. Practice Manager is the component actually used by physicians and other clinical staff while the Claims Manager is used to manage claims and payments processing. Just click the "Download" button at the top and you will be able to explore almost every aspect of our Practice & Claims system in real-time. Here are a few screenshots:

Practice Manager

DiagnosisProcedure-sm.jpg     Quick and easy documentation of an encounter most desirable feature in an EMR software. The encounter form in our system provides the most natural way for datainputr. Records can be typed manually or selected from predefined templates and you still have the flexibility to convert and entry to template at any point. Your chart entries are flexible, theu can be configured to just what you wanted.
LabResults-sm.jpg     Add documents, lab images, previous paper chart scanned to any format to your patient with ease. Added documents are easily accessible at any point during patient encounter.
Appointment-sm.jpg     Comprehensive patient appointment tools. AutoMedSys allows multi facility and multi provider appointment management with ease. The appointment systems support provider availability management modules and also the facility availability management too.
PatientGraphicals-sm.jpg     Create and Manage patient information on one clear interface. Add any number of patient insurance provider and employment information also. Accept patient picture with ease, monitor patient balance real time.
EncounterManagement-sm.jpg     Charts are documented and presented in a natural and efficient way. Easy access to section for dealing with patient's ongoing problems where a problem's status can be adjusted and progress note be added. New problems are automatically added as they are created on the encounter chart and physicians can choose problems from the list of favorites or from the general ICD list.

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