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Clinician-Centric Solutions to empower your practice

Your Practice. Your Solutions. Use one or more solutions customized to meet your needs.

Start using a powerful ecosystem of modular solutions configured to your practice. Transform your practice with unrivalled solutions to deliver tremendous value to you and your patients.

Cloud-based Solutions

All solutions are cloud-based. No onsite or on-premise devices. Multiple levels of redundancy to ensure system reliability.

Cross Platform Solutions

Use any web browser on any device. Your desktop, laptop, and smartphone provide identical seamless solutions.

Data-driven Architecture

Solutions are continually being engineered for efficiency. Ubiquitous data capture that provides real-time data on usability and workflow.

Analytics Dashboard

Leverage highly interactive customized dashboards for insights into medical decision making, population health, and practice management.


Multi-factor authentication. Continuous cybersecurity monitoring systems to prevent ransomware and other attacks.

Modular Design

Solutions can be used independently or as part of an ecosystem of solutions. As your practice needs to change, you can add or remove modules at any time.

Electronic Medical Records

Concurrent Tasks Completion

Using a three-pane user interface design, you can review, order, and document within a chart. Problem-oriented charting.

Clinical Decision Making

Clinician-centric design to support clinical comprehension and medical decision making. From data to insights, support the creation of flowsheets and analytic dashboards.

Templates and Smart Phrases

Extensive support for templates and macros to automatically pull data into your notes.

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e-Prescribing including Electronic Prescription of Controlled Substances (EPCS)

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Manage Prescription Life Cycle

Prescribe with accuracy. Integrated drug interaction checks. Respond to refill requests with ease. Customizable dashboard to support your workflow.

Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP)

Know before you prescribe. Streamlined access to PDMP information from within the EHR. No external links.Know before you prescribe. Streamlined access to PDMP information from within the EHR. No external links.Know before you prescribe. Streamlined access to PDMP information from within the EHR. No external links.

Electronic Prescription of Controlled Substances

Integrated Multi-factor authentication to support electronic prescription of controlled substances. Use your phone, watch, or email. Optimize your workflow.


Embedded Telehealth

Synchronized telehealth video sessions while reviewing, ordering, and documenting your care. Streamlined technology for efficiency

Global Access

Use any web browser on any device to provide telehealth services. All solutions are browser-based.

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About autoMedsys

We develop state of the art technology to drive workflow optimization, analytics, information security, and enhanced user experience. Our innovation is driven by a multidisciplinary team with medicine, information technology, and engineering expertise.

We develop patient-centred care and clinician-centric solutions to ensure patients and healthcare providers thrive. Our goal is to enhance healthcare delivery and the achievement of the quadruple aim in healthcare which is better outcomes, lower costs, improved patient experience, and improved clinician experience.